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Green juice of corn

Elixir of health

Green juice of corn is a dietary supplement. It greatly stimulates the immunity, removes the characteristic slow movement at older people, increases the stability of motion, reduces pain in muscles and wrists when the weather changes, increases physical strength and vitality.

Green juice of corn contains a large amount of vitamin B17, which, scientifically proven, destroys cancer cells. Thanks to that, it gives very good results in prevention but also in the treatment of malignant diseases.

What is green juice of corn?

It is sweet, green juice squeezed from germs and young sprouts, ecologically grown corn. Since the leaves of wheat contains hardly digestive fibers, it is only used the squeezed juice. Green juice of corn does not have any adverse effect so it can be used by children, pregnant women, reconvalescents and the elderly.

What does juice of green corn contain?

1. All known minerals that are necessary to the body.

2. It is a source of huge concentration of proteins and it contains all the amino acids in the proper measure.

3. It contains vitamins A, C, E, K, B.

4. Enzymes are responsible for thousands of biochemical reactions in our body. We are born with an optimal amount of enzyme but through the life, we are exposed to stress, improper diet, various infections and diseases, we spend them. In this way, the natural balance is disturbed and the result is a compliance of organism or decreased immunity of the organism, which leads to many diseases and disorders. By now, green juice of corn revealed several hundred enzymes. Beside significantly improving the immunity, it helps in detoxification.

5. Chlorophyll in green parts of plants, according to its molecular composition is very similar to hemoglobin in human blood. It is responsible for oxygen transport. Therefore, the chlorophyll is often called the liquid oxygen and it cleans the blood.

6. Green juice of corn contains vitamin B17, which destroys cancer cells. The lack of vitamin B17 / amygdalin / leads to cancer. Therefore, green juice of corn is useful both in prevention and in treatment.

What is juice of green corn good for?

Strengthens the immune system, helps with digestion problems, makes a thorough detoxification of the body, destroys harmful and returns useful bacterias, helps with the surplus kilograms release and increases vitality, helps with all the inflammatory processes by delivering large amounts of oxygen to cells.

Official experiments have shown that green juice of corn reliable helps with the following diseases: malignant blood diseases, breast, colon, lung, ovarian, prostate, cysts, diabetes, muscle inflammation, bronchitis, hair loss, obesity.

People use green juice from corn for treating various civilization diseases for 40 years. Beside recovery, many patients testify, that after this treatment they feel reborn, full of enthusiasm and life energy.

Green juice contains a large amount of enzymes, proteins and vitamins. To save these ingredients successfully, the squeezed juice is hibernated for the minimum period / freezes at -25 degrees /. Breast milk is stored in the same way. Frozen cubes of green juice of corn can be transported only in a refrigerator bag.

How do we use it?

We melt one or more ice cubes in distilled or acid non-carbonated water. For each cube, 0.5-1 dl of water is needed. Water from urban water supply must not be used because of the presence of chlorine in the water. As soon as the ice is melted, the drink has to be immediately drunk in the morning on empty stomach. After that, 1 to 1.5 hours you can not eat, drink, smoke... This is very important! This period is needed for vitamins and other ingredients to enter the bloodstream of the body. After 1 to 1.5 hours, we can do everything as usual (coffee, breakfast ...) and also to continue the treatment prescribed by a doctor.

The number of cubes and the length of treatment depends on the state of the organism. In the case of diseases / malignant /, it is recommended a minimum of five cubes a day for 6 months and even as a permanent curing treatment.

Dr. Ana Wigmor, who accidentally discovered the medical power of green juice of corn, suffered from colon cancer. After six months of daily use, malignant tumor disappeared. She continued to drink the juice continuously for 20 more years, in fear that the disease will get back. She died from smoke poisoning during a fire when she was old, but the cancer never appeared again.

How can the body react to the juice of green corn?

In the first three days, the faeces can be diluted, or it can possibly be diarrhea, which has the role of gastric and intestinal cleaning of toxins, which automatically leads to the relief of the body.

The first signs of improvement

Perceptual or tangible changes occur after 10 to 12 days of therapy. (greater physical strength, willing to work, more relaxed nerves, enthusiasm). As therapy progresses, the symptoms of the disease retreat.

Sometimes it happens that stomach does not want so easy to accept the taste of juice. If diarrhea does not stop, add more water that is prescribed, and when the stomach gets used to it, return to the prescribed amount: 0.5-1 dl on each cube. Users typically heal after 5-6 months, but after a month, good results can be seen in the blood picture and also significant changes in the general state of the organism.